Krasbit is a fusion of programming, backend services, computer graphics and automation.

Krasbit's unique feature is the ability to extend the limits for graphics and office software produced by Adobe, Corel, Microsoft, G Suite. Having a long history in the implementation of projects for personalized print and web publishing, Krasbit knows how to automate repeating tasks or connect your software with external data sources or media files stored at cloud.

Krasbit will connect your software with:

  • MySQL / MariaDB / SQLite database,
  • XML or JSON file
  • Spreadsheet / Document / Form made in Excel or G Suite (Google Apps)
  • Images stored at cloud buckets (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, MS Azure Storage)
  • 3rd party API / web service

I'll will provide you a complex backend to let your product exchange data with the rest of the world in optimized and secure manner. This may include:

  • Design database schema,
  • SOAP or REST API for your mobile clients or web sites
  • Installation at cloud of your choice
  • Maintenance service

Drop me a line - I’ll guide you and help to pick best solution to fit your needs.

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