The development of image sensors and digital photography was parallel to my studies (2001-2006) at the Institute of Automatic Control on the Silesian University of Technology.

During numerous laboratory classes on topics such as image recognition and digital signal processing, I was able to figure out how it all works behind the scenes. I had the opportunity then to write noise-reduction and edge-detection programs as well as software for the detection and recognition of objects, letters, faces and skin.  In the meantime, computer graphics was my hobby thanks to certain related business agreements.

That time I learned methods of artificial intelligence and programming of automation systems. The goal of my master's thesis "An Internet-Based Mobile Control Algorithms" was to access and visualize the state of a biological reactor placed in the laboratory of the Silesian University of Technology. It was also possible to enter settings and regulation algorithms. All this was conducted with a web-browser, remotely from any given place. I communicated and fused a number of various technologies: (OPC, Visual Basic, Macromedia / Adobe Flash, Apache HTTP Server, PHP, MySQL, XML). At Summer of 2006 I had successfully defended my thesis and become M. Sc. of Automation Control.

Starting 2007 I’ve opened my own business Krasbit, fusing my interests in graphics, internet technologies, multimedia and automatic control. First years of my business activity I’ve spent developing dynamic sites, designing printed catalogues and providing product photo packshot for my clients.

Then, I focused on expanding the capabilities of DTP software. Initially for my own needs, and with time I started to provide commercial support for printing houses, marketing agencies and individual freelancers.

In addition to dedicated macros and graphics automation scripts, I have developed freeware set of macros like Krasbit Layouter. Another important product of that time was Chameleon Studio - in cooperation with Arnim Vogel ( as he cared about features request and customers support. Interface of application was made using Adobe Flex but it uses CorelDRAW in background as template driven rendering engine. This software enabled the generation of highly personalized graphics files based on templates, media, database and programmable logical conditions. Generated visualization helped photographers to deliver pre-order sheets for schools and sports groups in a fully automated and incomparably faster way than manual work.

In 2014, Krasbit signed a long-term contract with FlightScope company. My responsibility is designing of the structure and maintenance of the database and cloud buckets for medias. Developing web services as way of communication between database, numerous mobile applications and Finally processing, comparing and reporting the data generated by millions of requests per day.

To celebrate an 10 years anniversary - at the end of 2017 Krasbit back to DTP industry users with refreshed website and updated Krasbit Layouter 2.0 - a set of macros for CorelDRAW and Google Cloud Vision driven plugin - Krasbit Recognition for Adobe products. 

Jarosław Kraska, M. Sc. 
Krasbit CEO