Expanding software functionality. Automation.
Integration with external data sources.

If your document creation workflow consist of multiple repeated tasks - consider to automate and use saved time on more creative taks. Whatever you work with office or DTP software, Krasbit knows how to automate your job. The time you save may be a great value, as well as a great provider-customer relationship, which will allow to perform frequent changes in the project without further expences.

Krasbit offers comprehensive support if your product data requires a database. From detailed listening and understanding of what your product is, to the initial specification and outline of the data model. Finally for server preparation and implementing the schema within the selected database engine on the selected platform. It can be your local server, hosted externally or instance running at cloud of your choice.

Krasbit knows how to prepare SOAP or REST API so that communication between your website and third party applications or services can run smoothly and safely.