Expanding software functionality. Automation.
Integration with external data sources.

If your document creation workflow consist of multiple repeated tasks - consider to automate and use saved time on more creative taks. Whatever you work with office or DTP software, Krasbit knows how to automate your job. The time you save may be a great value, as well as a great provider-customer relationship, which will allow to perform frequent changes in the project without further expences.

Merge with data from external data sources is crucial for projects which involve massive quantities of data, a variety of products and projects involving repeatable templates to allow entering data automatically.

With use of Krasbit solutions, it has become possible to connect with external databases and CMS, open for viewing and editing by the customer, simultaneously enhancing the graphic project ready to update its substantial and visual contents automatically. The DTP operator can approve the update process and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Presently, Krasbit developing customized solutions (macros / scripts and integration) for the following software:

  • CorelDRAW® via VBA (Visual Basic® for Applications);
  • Adobe Photoshop®, Ilustrator®, Fireworks® with the use of JavaScript;
  • G Suite (Google Apps for Work) via Google Apps Script

Krasbit can help you with mass-merge your template documents with data or media stored externally. Batch process can use following data sources:

  • Database via ODBC or REST or SOAP
    • MySQL/MariaDB
    • SQLite
    • *integration with non relational database  - available but the duration of the service may be longer than usual.
  • Local file
    • Excel
    • JSON
    • XML
    • CSV
    • Plain text
  • G Suite (Spreadsheet, Document, Form)
  • Media files:
    • stored at remote buckets/containers (Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Google Cloud Storage) via REST API,
    • stored at remote server via FTP,
    • files stored locally or available on local network.