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Krasbit Layouter data folder (examples) Krasbit Layouter data folder (examples) HOT
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Optional, but highly recommended ZIP package with example of use Krasbit Layouter 2 features. Includes PDF with step by step guide + folders with .cdr templates and sample images that are used in tutorial.

New (in comparison with previous package) files are bolded.

This version includes examples for:

  • Batch Import
    • Batch Import with effects
    • Different photos into multiple size items
    • Product preview mockup - processed
    • Product preview mockup
    • Same photo into multiple size items
    • Thumbnailer for all images in folder
  • ESO
    • Export Slice Objects
  • Image Placeholder properties
    • Alignment mode crop
    • Alignment mode perspective
    • Alignment mode scale
    • Displacement
    • Image placeholder properties
Created 2017-10-28
Changed 2017-10-28
Version 2.3
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