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Windows (x86, 64-bit), ZIP Archive

Manual setup for advanced users. Zipped package with application folder and step by step instructions to install or update Krasbit Layouter in custom location.

Krasbit Layouter 2 - manual setup

Extracted archive content
|_ *Krasbit* [application folder]
|_ *KrasbitLayouter2_registry_setup_32bit.reg* [registry settings file]
|_ *KrasbitLayouter2_registry_setup_64bit.reg* [registry settings file]
|_ *manual_setup_steps.txt*  [this text document]

Copy application folder to default program files location
If You already have the *Krasbit* folder inside your program files, then copy only *Layouter 2* subfolder of *Krasbit* folder of this archive into target *Krasbit* folder.

Otherwise, copy whole *Krasbit* folder into:

 - if you have 32 bit Windows: C:Program Files

 - if you have 64 bit Windows:  C:Program Files (x86)

Copy .gms macros file into CorelDRAW *GMS* folder
Close all CorelDRAW applications that you have already opened.
Copy *KrasbitLayouter2.gms* into global *GMS* folder of every version of CorelDRAW that you have installed on your computer and want to use with Krasbit Layouter macros. 

Depends if you are using 32 / 64 bit version of Windows and CorelDRAW software the folders can differ.

Some examples:
**[Windows 7 (32 bit) with CorelDRAW X5 (32 bit)]** :
C:Program FilesKrasbitLayouter 2gmsx32KrasbitLayouter2.gms
C:Program FilesCorelCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5DrawGMSKrasbitLayouter2.gms

**[Windows 7 (64 bit) with CorelDRAW X5 (32 bit)]** :
C:Program Files (x86)KrasbitLayouter 2gmsx32KrasbitLayouter2.gms
C:Program Files (x86)CorelCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5DrawGMSKrasbitLayouter2.gms

**[Windows 7 (64 bit) with CorelDRAW X6 (64 bit)]** :
C:Program Files (x86)KrasbitLayouter 2gmsx64KrasbitLayouter2.gms -> 
C:Program FilesCorelCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6DrawGMSKrasbitLayouter2.gms

**[Windows 10 (64 bit) with CorelDRAW X8 (64 bit)]** :
C:Program Files (x86)KrasbitLayouter 2gmsx64KrasbitLayouter2.gms -> 
C:Program FilesCorelCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8DrawGMSKrasbitLayouter2.gms

*Starting CorelDRAW X8 - default GMS is no longer by default at C:Program FilesCorelCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8Draw but you can create it there and have the macros installed globally for all computer users, or copy and install it for logged user only at his local GMS folder that is located here:
C:UsersYOUR USERNAMEAppDataRoamingCorelCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8DrawGMS

Setup Krasbit Layouter 2 registry settings

Using registry settings file

Minimum registry settings required by Krasbit Layouter is to know the application folder, user selected language and optionally examples folder.
Depends if you have 32 or 64 bit Windows double click on




And allow to modify Windows registry.

Alternatively, you can create the keys under HKLM manually

**[32 bit]**
"applicationFolder"="C:Program FilesKrasbitLayouter 2"
"examplesFolder"="C:krasbit layouter data"

**[64 bit]**
"applicationFolder"="C:Program Files (x86)KrasbitLayouter 2"
"examplesFolder"="C:krasbit layouter data"

This assumes that you are will use English version, have application folder under default program files location and have also downloaded examples folder and extracted it into default example data folder location:

C:krasbit layouter data

You can change language later inside UI of application. Currently only english and polish UI translation files are available - but they can be easily modified and more languages are going to be supported future.

Import Krasbit Layouter 2 workspace into your CorelDRAW
Launch CorelDRAW and depends of its version import readable workspace file for that version.
You will find Krasbit Layouter 2 workspaces under

C:Program Files (x86)KrasbitLayouter 2workspaces

By example if you have CorelDRAW X5 english version, you should select
KrasbitLayouter2_en_X5-X6.xslt file.

If you have CorelDRAW X7 or newer you should select

Next dock the imported workspace into desired location of CorelDRAW UI and you are ready to start Krasbit Layouter.

For more details please refer to help document that you will find at:

C:Program Files (x86)KrasbitLayouter 2helpKrasbit Layouter 2 - User's manual.pdf