COLO is a located in Poland manufacturer of sportswear. Their products are characterized by high quality and unlimited possibilities of personalization, which is a prerequisite for cooperation with professional sports teams.

Krasbit's long-term cooperation with COLO began in 2007. Initially, it included comprehensive marketing services (designing graphics, composition of printed product folders), product photography, preparation and management of the website.

Krasbit is currently developing and supplying COLO with dedicated apps scripts within G Suite. It enables the company's staff to place and manage orders and track progress.

An important part of the application is the calculated estimation of the time needed to complete an order as a function of such variables as the number of ordered products, their category and type, the number of sewing plant employees, and sublimation in given calendar days, the daily performance of printing machines.

The sales department is able to receive from the system the expected date of completion of the order and hand it over to the customer. Sewing room employees receive automatically generated work schedules for a given day. While sales department is prepareing orders, dynamicaly generated forms are inteligently prompting for required personalization (member names, numbers, color sets) that might be unique per product. Similar schedules and order's data about the necessary personalization are passed to the graphic department that handles sublimation.

Krasbit scripts are responsible for automatic generation of documents and content related to orders using tools that are convenient for COLO staff. That are Google tools like Sites, Sheets, Documents, Calendar. Order data is collected within the MySQL database and order files are automatically sent to the appropriate folders within the google drive.