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btnSmartGroup.gif smart group

macro: Layouter.smartGroup

This macro extends the standard group command. An information about ordering of shapes and layers on which selected shapes resides is added additionally to being grouped objects. In conjunction with the smart ungroup macro, you can restore this information later and place shapes to theirs previous z-order location. It means - where they had been placed within Object Manager tree, before they was being grouped together.

btnSmartUngroup.gif smart ungroup

macro: Layouter.smartUngroup

This macro extends the standard ungroup command. If the selected group had been created with use of smart group macro, then original shapes locations will be restored after ungrouping. Original shapes locations means that where they had been placed before they was being grouped together.

Example usage of smart group and ungroup

Imagine, that you had included an organized structure of objects at different layers within your project. Then you wish to make some alignment operations on objects which are placed on different layers. This alignment must be done to the edge of the page, but selected objects must keeps theirs distances between themselves. Normally, you may do this task by grouping of that objects, then making the alignment. Unfortunately, if you use the standard group command, then original layer position of processed shapes will be lost, because all the shapes will be grouped on the current active layer. If you wish to restore shapes to theirs original layers or shapes ordering, use Krasbit Layouter smart group macro, make necessary alignments then use smart ungroup macro.