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Open window:

Project optimization and advanced export tab.

Enter tab:

Target document

And select radio button to:

 New - every page separated

This feature is disabled in LITE / STANDARD edition of Krasbit Layouter. You must own Trial / PRO / NFR edition.  See Version comparison table.


If you selected this option then optimization will be done in a new file. As a result a .pdf or / and .cdr file will be generated for each document page. You may additionally save a backup copy of every original (unoptimized) page if you select the - keep file with unmodified copy of source page checkbox.

Custom output folder & filename format for generated pages

Provide desired filename format here. By default it is set to

./@title_KL_EXPORT/@TS @page

You may use all or subset of predefined variables inside given format. By default images are stored under subfolder at same level as original document (this is indicated by current directory ./). You may use absolute disk location starting with drive name (like c:\) The other special symbols here:

  • @title is origin document title,
  • @page is processed page number,
  • @TS is timestamp when file was generated.

Read more about the other prepress option at Project optimization and advanced export page.