Current setup package of Krasbit Layoter contains 2 workspaces:

  • KrasbitLayouter2_en_X5-X6.xslt (exported from X5, and tested at X6)
  • KrasbitLayouter2_en_X7-X9.cdws (exported from CorelDRAW 2017, not tested with prior versions)

If you experienced the problem with import of KrasbitLayouter2_en_X7-X9.cdws into X7 or X8 version - please let Me  know, and try to recreate workspace using Krasbit Layouter/2.0/workspaces/icons.

Free, NFR licences are awaiting for the users who firstly will create workspaces for X7, X8 versions!

Macros entry points list and related icons:

Macro tooltip /name [en]
Options -> Customization -> Command -> Macros
Krasbit Layouter 2  
Search and group objects Layouter.showSearchAndGroupObjects  
Search and replace objects and properties Layouter.showSearchReplaceObjectsAndProperties  
Shape properties copier Layouter.showPropertiesToCopy  
Import and processing properties Layouter.showImportAndProcessingProperties  
Text utilities Layouter.showTextUtilities  
Image utilities Layouter.showImageUtilities  
External bitmaps manager Layouter.showImageLinker  
Colors and palette utilities Layouter.showColorUtilities  
Page utilities Layouter.showPageUtilities  
Batch Import Layouter.showGangingUtilities  
Export utilities Layouter.showExportUtilities  
ESO - Export Slice Objects Layouter.showESOUtilities  
Quick export jpeg Layouter.quickExportJPG  
Refresh application Layouter.refreshApplication