In this video I would to show you how to batch import an images from selected folder into a CorelDRAW template, automatically position that images and apply visual effects on them.

Batch import process will automatically place the images into prepared placeholders and do all the job related to scale or crop to desired areas. Moreover, it will let you apply an advanced visual effects to your imported images like perspective or custom pixel displacement. Finally, you can simulate the look of your images if they will be printed as canvas frame on wall, press heated on T-Shirt or wrap on a coffee mug, mouse pad or any other product viable for sublimation print.

For the case of this particular example - let's imagine that you own a music fan shop. Now you want to prepare visualization of CD, canvas wall painting, T-Shirt, coffee mug and mouse pad for every album that you have at your stock. You can do it easily and fast.

1. Download and install Krasbit Layouter 2

2. Prepare your Batch Import template. You can find examples inside "Krasbit layouter data" folder. This video also focus on batch import template structure.

3. Prepare a folder of images - album covers - they will be imported into a template placeholders. If you will also file name of files consistently as: Artist - ALBUM NAME - you additionally print that information as captions next to your products.

4. Configure Batch Import preset:
a) specify Batch Import Template (from point 2)
b) specify Source Folder (from point 3) and optionally desired file type filter.
c) specify Processing settings and Template placeholder names. Ensure that you will match given names to object names that are available at your template.

5. Run and look how CorelDRAW makes the visualizations for you. All the images will be added into your project. New pages from your template will be created automatically.
Progress will be displayed at bottom bar of Batch Import window. The more images you have the longer it takes.

6. Save / print your rendered project.

For more information follow this documentation:

Batch Import images from source folder into CorelDRAW template placeholders with captions

Import or paste image into CorelDRAW with automatic scale, crop, mirror, perspective or displace effects