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This page will show you how to:

  • check existing image placeholder properties;
  • import or paste images into template’s placeholders;

Open Image utilities window

Import and paste images

Placeholder import settings

Will open window where you can verify/edit placement settings for selected placeholder in template. See details in Image Placeholder properties chapter. It is important to configure placeholder properties first or default placement settings will be used.

import to layer Import image from file

macro: Layouter.ImportImageFromFile

This macro extends the standard CorelDRAW® import command. The information about source of the file is added additionally to being imported image regardless if the image will be externally linked or embedded. Moreover,  image after import will be fitted (scaled, positioned, oriented, cropped or perspective-transformed) to the bounding box of the target shape with optional post processing like displace or flip. With use of this macro you can significantly speed up process of importing photos into desired area. You may select multiple target shapes before run this macro in order to import more than one images with one command. If you don’t have active selection then image will be imported into active layer. If you have selected multiple objects, you will be prompted to browse for file per each selected object.

Import once image from file

macro: Layouter.ImportImageFromFileOnce

This macro works similar to Import image from file but it differs in case when you have selection over many objects. In this case you will be prompted to browse for image only once, and all the placeholders will place same copy of image.

clipboard to shape Paste Image from clipboard

macro: Layouter.PasteImageFromClipboard

This macro works like Import image from file, but use the content from system clipboard rather than browsed image.


  1. Copy a desired content into the clipboard.
  2. Select target shape or shapes which bounding box (placeholder) will be used.
  3. Run macro