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btnInsertCR line breaking before specified chars

macro: Layouter.lineBreakChars

This macro moves specified chars to the new line when they are hanging at end of line in the justified paragraph text. This is done automatically by inserting special character with ASCII code - 11, which works same as inserting SHIFT + ENTER while typing. That will force every matched chars to be shifted to new line. Sometimes this algorithm must be done with many iterations, because changes were made on one line can affects the lines below.


  1. Specify the characters which, according to the spelling rules for your language, should be moved to the new line. In order to do that fill in the input field next to this macro button.
  2. Set the  maximum number of iterations. The more iterations the more processing time, but increasing of this value may be necessary with large text with many single characters.
  3. Select the paragraph text frame.
  4. Run this macro.

btnRemoveChars remove special chars

macro: Layouter.removeSpecialChars

This macro removes specified special characters from the text. This macro may be useful when you import or copy / paste a text content from sources which were edited on different OS. In that case they may include undesired characters which can affect the formatting of CorelDRAW® paragraph text. Different operating systems uses different characters for the determination of the end of the line. By example:

  • UNIX / Linux uses LF only (ASCII decimal code - 10 )
  • Windows / DOS uses CRLF (combination of ASCII decimal code 13 and 10)
  • Mac OS uses CR only (ASCII decimal code - 13)

If you want learn more about new line issues see newline at Wikipedia.

On other hand, use this macro if you wish to filter out extra formatting code provided by the above Layouter.lineBreakChars macro. In that case tick only the VT checkbox and unselects the others. If you wish to remove all whitespaces from the text select only WHITESPACE checkbox. To remove hanging spaces at the end of lines tick only SPACE + CR checkbox.


  1. Specify the characters which should be removed from the text by ticking desired checkboxes.
  2. Select the paragraph text ( or more paragraph texts )
  3. Run this macro.