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btnExportTextList export list of all text objects

This macro exports the list of all text objects used in current project into text file. This is done with details about used fonts, pages etc. The file will be placed in the folder where the active document file exists. This information may be helpful when the project must be moved and edited on other workstation (with another sets of fonts installed).

btnAutoNumeration run auto numeration of pages

This macro runs the auto numeration of pages in the current document. This macro differs from a builtin in CorelDRAW®auto page numbering macro. With use Krasbit Layouter auto numeration feature, you  may manually placing appropriately named text object (artistic or paragraph) on every page you wanted to be numbered. You may use different appearance and position for text object which is used as the page number on each page.


  1. Fill in name of text field. That should be the same string as a name of shape (eg. pageNr) which will be used on every page as a page number.
  2. Set the offset. If offset equals 0 then pages will be numbered without any offset. The offset may be positive or negative.
  3. Run macro

After use of this macro all instances of appropriately named text object will set theirs content equal to page number on which they exists + provided offset