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This page will show you how to:

  • open external bitmap tools and resolve, update or restore bitmap’s link for selected objects
  • update quickly both embedded and externally linked bitmaps.

Open Image utilities window

CorelDRAW native feature may update only externally linked bitmap, while Krasbit macros works both for embedded and externally linked bitmaps. Krasbit macro remember filepath of any bitmap that you have imported into your project.

External bitmap tools

btnGotoSelectedListItem External bitmaps manager

Macro: Layouter.showImageLinker

This will open External bitmaps manager window that lists all bitmaps in document and sorts them to separate tabs where you can process multiple or individual items at once.

btnResolveLink resolve link of the selected external bitmap and embed it in the document

macro: Layouter.resolveLink

This macro resolves a link for the selected bitmap on the stage and embeds it in the document.

btnRestoreLink restore link to selected bitmap and make bitmap externally linked

macro: Layouter.restoreLink

This macro restores a link for the selected bitmap on the stage and replaces embedded high resolution image with externally linked bitmap.

btnUpdateLinkU update selected bitmap

macro: Layouter.updateLink

This button updates link and look of selected external bitmap image. In case if the bitmap is embedded, then new version of image is placed on the stage. This is useful in case when you had edit that image in the meantime using other software, but your CorelDRAW project still shows outdated version of image.