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That options are available at top of Import & processing properties window.

Shape embedded properties and flattening properties

btnGetObjectInfo show object info

macro: Layouter.getObjectInfo

This macro shows all the data related to selected shape(s). Its name, CDRstaticID, dimension, assigned properties stored in VBA Shape.Properties collection. If the shape is a bitmap then additional information about original source file path, resolution and state of link will be displayed. Example below:

object info window example

object info window example

You can additionally display the system window with file properties for selected bitmaps which have been imported using Image utilities.

btnClearAllObjectData clear all extra data from the object

macro: Layouter.clearAllObjectData

Using this macro you will clear all extra data which have been assigned to the VBA: Shape.Properties and VBA: Shape.ObjectData collections for the selected shapes.

Clear all junk data button

macro: Layouter.clearJunkDataInActiveDocument

This macro erases all ObjectData assigned to shapes, document and CorelDRAW  data fields. The more projects you ever have from different 3rd party sources makes accumulating available data fields to very long lists of variables that you have never used and it only makes your output files larger, opening slower. Once you run this macro, it will clean up Object Data docker and document fields to shortest possible list of 2 major variables that cannot be deleted and are very usefull: Name and CDRStaticID. To persist cleaned version of document you have to save it. That macro also cleans all views stored in document that might accumulated over time.