API connection - comparison, costs and trial availability

There are two ways of connection:

  • Krasbit Recognition Prepaid Code
  • Krasbit Recognition Service
        Krasbit Recognition Prepaid Code   Google Cloud Vision API key  
  API access    

Requires to enter a prepaid code created by Krasbit.

This is recommended option for fast, easy and free start that will let you examine extension. Trial code may be automatically created for your device so you can use WEB DETECTION, TEXT DETECTION, DOCUMENT TEXT DETECTION features limited in time and quantity. Once your trial code is used or expired you can easily order another code via Adobe Exchange marketplace and get it into your email just after successful payment.


Authentication is based on API key / access credentials created in advance at Google Cloud console by end user.

This option is suggested for advanced users that already have Google Cloud account, then billing plan and Vision API enabled. It is also cost effective in case of expected high volume of API requests.

  Data flow    

Krasbit API service works like a proxy that redirects requests between extension and Cloud Vision service. Thus Krasbit is billed by Google for use of service. You need not to worry about unexpected costs or struggle with cloud vision console administration.


In this mode, Krasbit Recognition extension directly communicates with Google Cloud Vision service.


Krasbit Prepaid Code means for you a fixed and clear costs as you are purchasing limited amount of feature requests that should be used within given time.

There are several prepaid plans that are available to buy at FastSpring or Adobe Exchange. Each of them consists of different quantity of available requests per feature. There are also different expiration dates till you can use your code. 

Prepaid code is generated and sent to user’s email after purchase.


Please visit Google Cloud Vision API site in order to get information about pricing and limits that user pays on it's own to Google.

  Trial availability    

Free trial Prepaid Code is available with lower quantities than given in paid version:

Web detection: 25,
Text detection: 25,
Dense text detection / OCR: 25


First 1000 units/month are free of costs but enabling billing plan and configuring payment method is required anyway.

  Features limitations    

Each Prepaid Code bought on demand will let user to call detection features with following limits:

Web images & keywords: 500,
Text: 50,
Dense text / OCR: 50

Expiration date until Prepaid Code must be used is calculated from day of generation + 366 days

Visit Krasbit at FastSpring or Adobe Exchange to get the recent price and features amount limits.

  Controlled by end user’s billing plan.  
  Using on multiple computers    

Prepaid code may be used or shared to multiple computers / users at will. Pay attention that each feature request with use of given Prepaid Code will be counted and deducted from your initially available quantities.


API Key may be used or shared to multiple computers / users at will. Pay attention that each feature request with use of given API Key will be counted by Google and bill will apply at monthly basis depends of requests quantities.


Which API connection option should I chose?

Google Cloud Vision API Key  is better option in case:

  • you expect to intensively using recognition features (it is cost efficient in long term)
  • you already have an Google Cloud Platform account or creating one is not challenging to you

Krasbit Recognition Prepaid Code is the way to go if:

  • you prefer easy setup and use service immediately after providing a prepaid code
    (Test trial Prepaid Code is available for free and may be requested directly from Recognition setup window)
  • you prefer to pay in advance and have 100% control over cost of use
  • you are not expecting to intensively use recognition features
  • creating Google Cloud Platform account and configuring Cloud Vision API seems to complicated to you