Cloud Vision API

Similarity is a script for Adobe Photoshop that can communicate with Google Cloud Vision API (machine learning image analysis service) in order to classify your image and search for exact copies or similar images over whole web. This information will let you:

  • track unauthorized use of your image on 3rd party sites
  • get additional inspiration or avoid going into similar style created already by the others
  • automatically set keywords for your artwork.

Similarity plugin for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW is coming soon...


  1. Suggesting and store keywords for your image based on automatic classification
  2. List web links to copies of your images over the web as:
    • Fully matched images
    • Partially matched images
    • Web sites where image was matched
  3. List web links to images similar to yours. Similar images may be:
  4. downloaded and opened in Photoshop as:
    • floating windows
    • tiles
    • tabs
    • opened in your default browser
  5. Save summarized text report with all the detected descriptions and web links to copies and similar images.


  1. Adobe Photoshop. Tested on Windows and CS4 and CC 2017.1.0.
    Not tested on Macintosh, but theoretically should work as well.
    *If you have got a Mac - try and let me know about issues if any.
  2. Google Cloud Platform account with Cloud Vision API enabled. At moment of writing this article, Google offers cloud services with free trial + extra 300$ to be used within one year period.

No costs of use in most cases

You can download and use Krasbit Similarity for free. However, this script communicates with Google Cloud Vision API / Web Detection feature. It may generate costs at your Google Cloud Platform billing if you will exceed a monthly limit of 1000 requests and your initial 300$ gift from Google is already spent. Visit Google Cloud Vision API on your own to get any updates on pricing and limits. At moment of writing this article they are as follows:

  • first 1000 units per month is free
  • every next 1000 requests will cost 3.5$


Obtain an API Key from Google

  1. Visit
  2. Click TRY IT FREE button.
  3. You may sign in to Google using your existing gmail account or create a new one.
  4. Read the Terms of Service and accept them
  5. Setup your billing information
  6. Once you are up and running at Google Cloud Platform console, expand the main menu button at upper left corner
  7. Browse to APIs & services
    • Library
      • Search for “Google Cloud Vision API” and enable this API
    • Credentials
      • Click Create credentials
      • Select: API Key - this will generate a long string with random characters. You will need to copy / paste it later into Krasbit Similarity Setup Window
      • Keep your generated key in secret and do not share it. This key is related to you your billing account and all the requests made with use of it - will be accounted into your billing account.
      • If your computer that will run Photoshop and Similarity script runs on a network with static IP address - consider to configure additional restriction for your API Key so it can only be used with that given IP address

Install script manually

For maximum compatibility with variety of Photoshop versions, Similarity is published as ExtendScript .jsx file and all the interface is based on ScriptUI.

  1. Extract zip archive
  2. Close Adobe Photoshop
  3. Copy Krasbit_Similarity_Photoshop_min.jsx file into Photoshop script default folder. On Windows, this is in most cases:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop {VERSION NUMBER}\Presets\Scripts
  4. Start Adobe Photoshop
  5. The goal of script is to analyze active document. Create or open any image.
  6. Run
    Menu: File -> Automate-> Similarity...

Install via Adobe Extension Manager



Once you have both API key from Google Cloud Platform and Similarity script installed - run script via menu item:

Menu: File -> Automate-> Similarity...

For the first time you run that command - you will see a Setup Window where you need to configure crucial, initial settings.

Setup Window



Copy / Paste here a random characters string of API Key that you have generated earlier at Google Cloud Console.

Usage counter

Will count and display the amount succesfully finished request calls you have made so far to Cloud Vision API. It may help you keep your use of service under the free limit / month and avoid any costs from Google.

Reset Counter

Hit this button to reset your Usage counter. By example at the day when your monthly Google billing period starts.

Download options

This panel controls target folder where script will be downloading similar images from web, in order to open in Photoshop next to your original image. This folder also may store automatically generated textual reports from results of your search.


Click to open system browse to folder dialog and specify desired location.


Shows the current settings of target download folder.

Skip setup dialog next time

You may prefer to go through this dialog only once so check this option in order to display search results at Main Window immediately. You can back to Setup Window from Main Window at any time.


Click “Search” button to send Cloud Vision API request and display search results that will be presented on the Main Window.


Will close the window with no more actions.

Main Window

Found image descriptions

This panel will show you a suggested descriptions for your image as a checkboxes you can select. Every image may generate a different set of checkboxes due to how machine learning image analysis service from Google is understanding your image. Selected checkboxes from this panel may be transferred into Image keywords. This may help you later to search or filter images by any software capable to work with keywords like Bridge or Lightroom.

Save selected descriptions into image keywords

Use this checkbox to enable / disable transferring selected descriptions into active document  keywords.

Select all

Will quickly select all suggested descriptions for you.

Deselect all

Will quickly deselect all suggested descriptions for you.

Found images and pages

This panel displays four tabs with a search results and web links to exact copies or visually similar images and the quantities it found. You may double click any list item in order to open the link in default browser.

Visually similar images

Contains the list of images that machine learning image analysis service of Google consider as images similar to yours.

Full matching images

Contains the list of images that are considered as a copy of your image.

Partial matching images

Contains the list of images that are considered as a partial copy of your image.

Pages with matching images

Contains the list of websites where all the matching images were found.

Download and show images options

In case of Visually similar images, you may automatically download up to 10 images from list and place them next to your working active document in order to compare or get additional inspiration and thoughts. You can control the way how script will show downloaded images. With following options:

Show similar images as

  • Window - will open each image as new float window,
  • Tile - will open images as tile,
  • Tabs - will open images as tabs,
  • Browser - will open images in default browser

Maximum number of similar images to download

Limit the number of automatic download and open in Photoshop to given number from 0 - 10. If you will specify 0, then script will skip downloading and opening of similar images, and just create a textual report file or transfer descriptions to keywords for active document.

Keep downloaded files

Whatever to keep or delete similar image files that were downloaded after they were loaded into Photoshop interface.

Create and show report file

Select this checkbox to produce and open a textual version of summarized report with descriptions and links that were presented in dialog.


Will close the window with no more actions.


Random Han Solo image found at Google images:

Wikipedia: Harrison Ford as Han Solo in promotional image for Star Wars

Search results at Main Window

Adobe Photoshop with automatically downloaded images shown as Tile.

Report file text

Krasbit  - Similarity report. Version 1.1.0 | © 2017 KRASBIT Jarosław Kraska | 

Found image descriptions:
Han Solo;Chewbacca;Star Wars;Harrison Ford;Star Wars;Star Wars sequel trilogy;Film;Jedi;Star Wars Day;The Force

Full matching images:

Partial matching images:

Pages with matching images:

Visually similar images:


Self-made sample. *Picasso mode enabled ;)

Adobe Photoshop with automatically downloaded images shown as Tile.

Report file text

Krasbit  - Similarity report. Version 1.1.0 | © 2017 KRASBIT Jarosław Kraska | 

Found image descriptions:
Font;Logo;Brand;Black and white;Area;Angle;Black;White

Visually similar images:


Author Jarosław Kraska
Date 2017-12-01
Language  English
File Size 12.35 KB
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Author Jarosław Kraska
Date 2017-12-01
Language  English
File Size 2.49 MB
Download 5